Thursday, September 9, 2010

Autolux released Transit Transit: I don't mind that

When I first heard Autolux, their debut album Future Perfect had just come out and I just about died.  I was in a senior in high school.  So, in all fairness, it probably wouldn’t have been too hard to impress me if you were even half as moody as I was, and it was.


Looking back, the album is still pretty good, but I can’t help but feel a twinge of contempt for it as I project my high school (and freshman and sophomore and, I guess, pretty much most of college)insecurities onto the band.  It just feels sort of hollow in the same way that art-rock just feels sort of hollow.  I can listen and it sounds cool, but I don’t really feel anything more than that feeling that I should brood and put my hair over my eyes because that’s just what people do a la Baudrillard.  However, for me, they were still a crucial gateway to a genre I would eventually come to know as shoe gaze.

Anyways, Autolux recently released their first album in six years and I couldn’t resist seeing what time had done to my old friends.  Transit Transit, is slightly improved more of the same.

I was hoping that they had changed dramatically, that they had experimented off record and found themselves.  And they must have, but they just didn’t go in the direction I was hoping for.

Today, I got to see them do a free show at my new local record store.  What I saw, was actually pretty good.  It was heavy and shoe-wavy in the well practiced way of studio veterans.  It wasn’t especially ground breaking for me.  But, I’ve already walked that musical path.  For others at the show, an eclectic crowd made up of a new generation of high school kids and bros and aged hipsters, who were all nodding, hands in pockets, enjoying or reminiscing with their gateway to good music.

Hopefully nobody becomes addicted and/ or turns into total assholes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010